Garrison Crossing Update
July 2019
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Garrison Crossing nearing completion 

The Garrison Crossing project is in its final stages of construction and is targeted to open in late summer 2019. 

The work on the north and south bridge spans is nearing completion. The paved stone landing from Garrison Common into the South Stanley Park extension has been completed. The stainless steel barrier mesh has been installed and in the coming weeks, the bike rail and wooden handrails will be installed on the bridge spans too. Still to be completed is the installation of street furniture and signage, as well as the lighting on the bridges, which will be energized once the power supply within the new Ordnance Park is constructed. 

The two bridge structures were hoisted into place by a 660-ton crawler crane in the summer and fall of 2018. The northern bridge structure spans from the South Stanley Park extension over the Kitchener rail corridor, into the north side of the Ordnance Park. The southern bridge structure spans from the south side of the Ordnance Park over the Lakeshore West rail corridor, into Garrison Common on the Fort York grounds. 

The Garrison Crossing project is an important piece of active transportation infrastructure that also connects three parks - Ordnance Park, South Stanley Park and the Fort York Grounds - and the surrounding neighbourhoods together while being accessible to both pedestrians and cyclists. Once open to the public, the bridge will offer a new passage to the waterfront, improving connections within the surrounding communities!   

To view a detailed project timeline, visit the Community Engagement page on our website.

Onsite sneak peek! 

South Stanley Park Extension 

The grading of the new South Stanley Park extension is complete - topsoil has been placed, trees and shrubs have been planted and the entire park has been hydroseeded. The multi-use trail has been paved and the light standards have been installed. 

Ordnance Park Multi-Use Trail 

The granular base for the multi-use trail in Ordnance Park is in its final stages of completion. The final grading and paving of the trail will take place next month, followed by landscaping along the trail and installation of sod beside the trail. 

Garrison Common 

The ramp and stairs from Garrison Common onto the south bridge span are close to completion - the stainless steel cladding is installed on the ramp, the stainless steel barrier mesh is in place and undergoing its final connections. The multi-use trails have been paved and the surrounding area has been graded, topsoil placed, hydroseeded and shrubs and trees have been planted.

An additional multi-use trail with an armour stone retaining wall has also been constructed to extend the trail system to Bathurst Street. The trail corridor has been cleaned and new topsoil has been placed and hydroseeded. 

Stay tuned for details on the opening to the public!

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