Garrison Crossing Update
June 2018
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Moving the bridge structure to the site

Paddock Transport International, a moving specialist, was selected to provide transportation logistics for these long span bridge structures. The bridges will be transported from the fabrication facility on a large tandem 4 axle truck. After being hoisted on the truck, they will take approximately four hours to be transported to the site. The bridges are being moved to the site in two stages in June and July. 

The truck trailer bed is three quarters the width of an NHL hockey rink at approximately 60 feet long. The trailer is specialized for heavy loads and can support 60 metric tonnes! Once the truck arrives at the site, each
 bridge will be assembled on site and moved into the location where it will be hoisted by one of the biggest cranes in North America. 

The photo above depicts the north and south bridge arches, shrink-wrapped and ready for delivery to the site.

The tandem 4 axle transport truck that will be transporting the bridge structure to the site. 
Meet Vincent Mariani, the bridge fabricator

Vincent Mariani is the owner of Mariani Metal, the fabrication shop for the Garrison Crossing bridges. We connected with Vince to learn more about his company and details of the bridge.   

What are some interesting projects you’ve worked on in the past?
Since 1986, Mariani Metal has transformed concepts into architectural and structural marvels. We’ve delivered products in some diverse categories including architectural metals, architecturally exposed steel, miscellaneous metals, custom metal and glass enclosures, and automotive machinery. Past projects my team and I have worked on include the Art Gallery of Ontario feature stair, the New York Times Building lobby, the Viva transit hub station on Highway 7 at Jane Street in Vaughan, Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland Ohio, the United States Air Force Memorial, and Goldman Sachs feature stair, among others.
What is the most exciting aspect of the Garrison Crossing project?
The most exciting aspect is the ability to work with the design and construction team to fabricate and deliver a stainless steel bridge. Few bridges are conceived utilizing stainless steel, and fewer companies can fabricate and work with this grade of stainless steel (duplex 2205). 

What was the most challenging part of the fabrication for the Garrison Crossing bridge?
All bridge projects are complex by nature. Working with this grade of stainless steel material adds a level of complexity to the welding and fabrication process, because the base material is not as easy to weld as steel. Additionally, there are many parts and components of the bridge that must be cut and fit in a precise manner before welding. With care and cooperation, we have undertaken a rigorous quality control and assurance program with the construction and design team to ensure that all relevant standards and specifications are being met. 
Are there any unique fabrication techniques you used for the Garrison Crossing bridge?
We are using the flux core welding process to weld the stainless steel together. We have created precision jigs to check and ensure the pre-camber of the bridge before delivery to the site, and we constantly monitor the geometry via the use of total stations to check coordinates.

Status Update

Metal fabrication of the bridge structures is nearing completion. In late-spring/early-summer 2018, the bridge structures are scheduled to be delivered to the site and assembled into complete bridges for installation over the rail corridors by a large crane in July and August of 2018. Completion of the bridges' construction, lighting, landscaping and trail connections to Ordnance and Fort York is targeted for late September of 2018.

Bridge fabrication nearing completion in the fabricator's shop.
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