Garrison Crossing Update
August 2017
Photo of the north bridge being assembled in a curved jig (mold) at Mariani Metals' facility. 
Welcome to the Garrison Crossing Update!
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Bridge fabrication has started.

The fabrication and assembly of Garrison Crossing is well underway. The whole fabrication process will take approximately 15 months to complete and comprises many steps. It is primarily completed off-site at an indoor facility. This enables the fabricators to assert a high degree of control over details such as the welding process and ensures a contamination-free environment for the production of a high-quality finish.

The High-Precision Off-Site Process: In order to create precise bridge components, a model for each of the bridges is first developed. Computerized design drawings, called shop drawings, are then produced to finalize and confirm the shape and size of each individual piece for the bridge structure. The design drawings are then uploaded to the fabricator's shop, where the raw pieces of steel are cut and rolled to produce the required sizes and shapes. Once this is complete, a specialized team of highly qualified stainless steel welders start assembling the pieces under strict quality control. Since the welding requires special attention and craftsmanship, the off-site facility allows workers to tackle their individual elements in a controlled environment, with necessary tools immediately at hand. Each of the bridges will be fabricated in two or three large components and then shipped to the site for final completion, prior to hoisting them into place. 

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Stainless steel has its perks.

When the design was awarded, a lot of emphasis was placed on the stainless steel material. Stainless steel was chosen because of its exceptional mechanical properties: aside from its unique appearance, it is highly durable, light-weight and corrosion and weather resistant, requires less maintenance and provides reduced life-cycle costs. 


Did You Know: Aside from the concrete deck and wood handrails, Garrison Crossing is the only bridge in Canada constructed completely out of stainless steel.

Adding wood and concrete alongside the stainless steel. 

The design of the bridge uniquely frames the city and complements the surrounding landscape. Several design details have been included to accentuate the elegant form of the bridge structure. In addition to the steel structure, wood and concrete are also used; the handrails are made from ipe wood, and the walking surfaces are constructed from coloured concrete.


Did You Know: The entire path is five football fields long from Wellington Street to the Garrison Common. 

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