The project Team for the New Garrison Crossing

The Project Team announced that a team led by Dufferin Construction Company, a division of CRH Canada Group Inc., was selected as the successful proponent to design and build the new Garrison Crossing.

The project is a significant benefit for both pedestrians and cyclists, improving the linkages between area communities and local parklands. Construction will commence in the spring of 2016 and is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2017.

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The winning design is a two-part bridge that will be the first 100 per cent stainless steel bridge to be built in North America and the first stainless steel bridge in Canada, extending north-south across two railway corridors in the downtown just east of Strachan Avenue. One bridge will span from the future South Stanley Park Extension on Wellington Street over the north Georgetown railway corridor and land on the north side of the future Ordnance Triangle Park. The second bridge will begin on the south side of the Ordnance Triangle Park and span over the south Lakeshore railway corridor, landing in the Fort York grounds. When complete, this will be the first set of stainless steel bridges to be built in North America.

The Dufferin Construction Company team was selected through a rigorous evaluation process of proposals from three design-build teams shortlisted for the Request for Proposal to design-build the bridges.

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