Community Information Meeting #2

On Tuesday June 2, 2015 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Build Toronto (now part of CreateTO), in partnership with the City of Toronto and MMM Group (now WSP), hosted a second Community Information Meeting for the Garrison Crossing project at the Fort York Visitors Centre.

The meeting provided the opportunity for the community to review the three proponents’ designs and complete comment cards for each design. We were pleased to meet with more than 100 members of the community, and would like to thank everyone who attended and provided input.

The format of the Community Information Meeting began with an informational open house, where the community had an opportunity to review presentation materials for the three design concepts. Next, formal presentations were held, allowing the three proponents to present their concepts and the community to ask questions about the designs. After all three presentations concluded, the informal open house resumed, allowing the community to continue interacting with the proponent teams and staff from Build Toronto (now part of CreateTO), the City of Toronto and MMM Group (now WSP) to answer questions.

In addition to the collection of comments specific to the three designs, the meeting also provided the opportunity to hear more from the community about what aspects of the overall project are important to them. Some of the key themes that emerged from the comments were:

  1. A desire for pedestrian access via stairs at key locations in addition to the proposed ramps;
  2. The designs do not provide effective connections to local communities; and
  3. There are awkward movements and a lot of backtracking in the designs which affects the flow of pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

In total, approximately 160 individual comment cards were received at the meetings. The project team now has reviewed and summarized the comment cards for each proposal and has provided the summary to the Evaluation Committee for consideration.

We look forward to providing updates on this project as it continues to proceed. In the meantime, if you would like to stay involved, please send your contact information to so that we can ensure you are on the mailing list. 

Below is a summary of the themes which emerged from the comments received for each proponents’ design, organized into “Opportunities” and “Concerns,” and renderings of the three designs.

Click to view photo gallery and full-sized renderings

A total of 52 comment cards were completed by the community for the Dufferin Construction proposal.


  • Design is simplistic, elegant, non-intrusive
  • Stainless steel material a preference – longevity, maintenance, unique
  • Creative “identity” concept of Garrison Crossing
  • Lighting is effective; non-intrusive and offers a beautiful night feature


  • An awkward flow of traffic on paths and bridge. The right angle turn of the south ramp a concern for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Awkward connections between landing points and surrounding landscape; not enough attention to residents in the neighborhood
  • Design is too simple; not inspiring. Does not reflect history
  • Mesh – visibility, treatment may create issues and attract debris or “love locks”

Click to view photo gallery and full-sized renderings

A total of 60 comment cards were completed by the community for the Ellis Don proposal.


  • Provides option to use stairs in addition to ramp
  • Design is unique, warm, vintage; good reflection of history of the area; Fort York, railway
  • The creation of a community space beyond just two bridges; a destination, gathering location
  • Good connectivity with landing locations to other trails; intuitive connection points
  • Weathered materials


  • Design is heavy; railway focused
  • Bridge takes away from Fort York’s importance; touch down in Garrison Common is not light; intrusive
  • South end created a bottleneck; 90 degree turn from bike ramp, steep grades

Landmark Bridge Builders

Click on the thumbnails below to view the full-sized renderings.

A total of 51 comment cards were completed by the community for the Landmark Bridge Builders proposal.


  • Contemporary design, striking curves, simplicity
  • Historical connection and relation between curves in bridges and Garrison Creek; complements the natural landscape
  • Traffic flows on paths and bridges; seamless and no bottlenecks
  • Good use of lighting
  • Gradual ramp rise


  • Use of glass: safety, maintenance, graffiti
  • Lack of staircases, needed to improve connectivity to surrounding neighbourhoods
  • Design is not original, very ordinary. Been done before
  • Connectivity to the east and west, backtracking
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